It's online ! Our newest Toyo of the Month, check it out right now !

06 -03-2003

The first Celica Club Meeting of the year was hot, a shinning sun and verry nice cars, check out our photoshoot section !

05 -18-2003

This verry nice car is for sale, click on the picture or on this link, for more information....

04 -17-2003

Toyota announces the realese of the Yaris TS Turbo in may this year. With almost 150 horses under the trunk it will be almost a little race car... Hope to see it soon on the road !

02 -17-2003

He's really HOT ! Our new Toyota of the month ! Check it out right now bellow this page !

02 -17-2003

No this is nog a pictuned photo. A Toyota Landcruiser on 26 inch it really exists, check it out on this site.

02 -17-2003

The AutoRAI in the Netherlands is the theatre for the European première of the renewed Yaris. The Yaris and the Yaris Verso have new front lights. The Yaris got further also a new grill and front bumper. Behind there are new lights from red glass and is the bumper changed with push areas on the corners. (Source: TTB Toyota News)
» 02-10-03 - HOT Import Tuning from Brasil... This Toyota Corolla was the Champion of the 2002 tuningseason in Brasil, more about this great car soon online !
» 01-30-03 - Vote for us, click on the TopToyotaSites.Com banner and give us a place in the Top 100 of best Toyota-sites, do it now !
» 01-30-03 - European biggest importer of Toyota parts from Japan, specialised in MR. Check out their site @ http://www.mrtwo.co.uk
» 01-15-03 - Toyota Present on the International Auto Salon in Detroit 2 new prototypes. The FJ Cruiser is a present for the 40th birthday of the Toyota FX.

The Fine S is a nice sportcar build to transport 4 persons without any problem.
» 12-31-02 - Happy Newyear !

The Photoshoots-section is back in full force !!!
1147 Toyota-pictures from the 2002 tuning-season,
all online and browsable !
Check out our Photoshoots-section now !!!

» 11-18-02 - Toyota Avensis '2003' a verry nice car !!!

11-09-02 - Finally it's arrived, our new toyo of the month ! Check it out right now !
» 10-28-2002 - New from Booster Tuning, a sportgrille for the Toyota Corolla New Generation.  More info? Check out: www.BoosterTuning.com
» 09-15-02Yes, yes the one and only Booster Tuning democar is for sale !!!
check out www.BoosterTuning.com for more information !
» 08-05-02 New from Carzone Specials, a bodykit for the Corolla next Generation...
» 07-29-02 Booster Tuning presents the WRC-spoiler for the Corolla New Generation, now available in your local stores ! For more information check out www.boostertuning.com
» 08.01.02 Yess, it's time to present you a new Toyota of the month ! This time we're proud to present Import Tuner an nice Paseo build by Bart, better know as TTB... check out @ the bottom of this page !
» 07.29.02 New pics of the Celica... check out now the Project Cars ! Special thanks to: Freddy Mattan, Booster Tuning, Robby, JFE Car Hifi Putte, Stonic and all the other people who helped me with this project.
» 05.29.02 Again a new bodykit for the Corolla New Generation, 216 Performance Products designed a body kit for that gives the car a very sporty caracter this in close corporation with Toyota Belgium.
» 05.29.02 After Booster Tuning, also Carcept presents their vision on the Corolla New Generation... full frontbumper, sideskirts, rearbumper and a roof spoiler... Nice work !!!
» 05.25.02 Booster Tuning presents again a new bodykit... this time you find the Corolla New Generation, nice work again ! Now it's waiting till the summer for the fat-bodykit of this corolla... 


» 05.25.02 Don't forget ! Sunday 9th June, International Toyota Meeting - Where? Toyota Willems - Hamme (near Dendermonde - From 9h30...  BE THERE ! ! !
» 04.28.02 We brought a company visit to Booster Tuning and saw there some new things for Toyota ! Check out the news-section... (soon also some more photo's online from the other things we saw there...)
» 04.28.02 Booster Tuning & Morette presents for the Yaris a new kit of headlights.  Nice design but due the heavvy price not many seen on the Tuning scene.  Maybe something for the future... 
» 04.22.02 'Tief und breit' is what German people say when thay see this beast ! Yes, this is a kit available for the Celica... more info? Check out IbherDesign.

» 04.11.02 Booster Tuning present us their newest creation for the Avensis.  A full bodykit, including: front-spoiler, sideskirts, rear-diffusor and a trunk-spoiler.  Nice work again from the people of Booster Tuning.

» 04.11.02 Rise bodykit for the Corolla New Generation, better known as the RunX in Japan.  This time, no extreme bodykit, but a nice good looking kit.

» 04.11.02 Again a kit for the Corolla New Generation, also not really X-treme, but nice that's all we could say about this kit from Jimzé's

» 04.01.02 Yesssss ! We went to the Paris Tuning Show, and we saw there the one and only Fast & Furious Supra !  The only Toyota in the whole building, but the car with the most attention !

» 04.01.02 PartoD is the first bodykit designer who presents us there bodykit for the Corolla New Generation or RunX, really nice work from this guys !

» 04.01.02 Rave present's their first bodykit for the Celica AT230 (model 2000).  A nice agressive bodykit with tho look of a shark in it !


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